The update arrives on April 14th and brings changes to console storage, social features and cross-generation opportunities with PlayStation 4 players.

Five months after the console was released worldwide, Sony has announced the first major software update for PlayStation 5, with the update rolling out on April 14th.

The biggest change that the update brings is in regard to the console’s storage and storage optimisation. The PS5 will now support external USB storage drives, with players able to store PS5 titles on an external drive to free up space on their console.

However, due to the difference in SSD speeds between console and external drive, PS5 titles will not be able to be played directly from the drive, nor will they be able to be downloaded directly to external devices. However, updates will be automatically applied to games that players copy or transfer back to the main console from their external drive and, should the game allow, you can choose specific game modes to download onto the main console, creating further optimisation of storage space.

The update also brings about positive changes for PS4 players, with Sony now offering cross-generation Share Play. With this, PS4 players will be able to view the screens of PS5 players and even be able to try out PS5-only titles through Share Play. Users will also have the option to control themselves, pass virtual control to a friend or grant them a second virtual controller for co-op opportunities.

There are also numerous changes being made to the PS5’s Game Base, with it being much easier to flick between Parties and Friends menus, disable chat functions, adjust player volume and customise your game library. Furthermore, should you have the setting enabled, title updates for games will be pre-downloaded when your console is on or in rest mode, meaning that players will be able to play the latest versions of games as soon as the update is released.

For the collectors among us, the update introduces a new Trophy Stats screen, which allows users to see their trophy level and number of trophies earned at a quick glance.

Finally, the PlayStation app is scheduled to receive its own update to coincide with the latest console update – users will be able to join multiplayer sessions on PS5 from their phone, manage their console’s storage, compare trophies with friends and filter products shown on the PlayStation Store.

The full details regarding the update can be found on:

(Cover Photo Credit: Sony)

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